Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Erin Condren Planner--You NEED one.

I'm old fashion kinda girl. I love having a written planner. Most people I know have digital a planner/calendar on their phones/computers. I have that too, but I am also have this fear of losing it all. What would happen if all the computers in the world rebelled against us? Then I wouldn't have a back up! I literally just scared myself....

For the past 2 years I have used the momAgenda. I did love the planner, but it never felt like me. I love colors, fun, rainbows and butterflies! So I went to Facebook and asked my friends what type of planners they used. I received answers from Lily Pulitzer, May Designs, Franklin Covey and Emily Ley Simplified Planners. After researching each planner I finally decided upon Erin Condren Planner. And man, am I SO HAPPY I chose this planner.

Not only does it have interchangeable covers (which by the way I am obsessed with and can't wait to order more!!), but it's just perfect for me! It is bright and has a TON of space to schedule, write, plan dinners and to-do lists. I've been using mine for work, blogging, personal meetings, and dinners. I am obsessed with the fact that I don't have to use more than one planner for my life.

Interested in seeing how these planners work? Watch this video by Erin Condren herself!


Monday, July 28, 2014

I Can't Live Without: Strappy Sandals

1. Steve Madden 'Daisey'  2. Seychelles Thyme  3. Lauren Ralph Lauren Arima Patent Flat Sandal 
4. Jessica Simpson Javon Flat Sandal  5. Ipanema Maya Studded Rubber Sandals
6. Soludos Classic Sandals Espadrilles

It's truly something I can't live with out this summer. Strappy Sandals. I've become addicted. I use to be one of those girls that strictly wore Rainbow Brand Flip Flops. So high school/college years. Plus living in South Florida, it was a staple. I stress the word WAS. I was lucky over Fourth of July to stop in the GAP factory outlet store. Where I socked up on them.

Strappy Sandals are a for sure a staple this summer and will be for the next couple years. I have compiled a list of sandals all under $100.00 and staple colors. Having these color strappy scandals will make you have a very well rounded summer wardrobe.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Fashion Fun Friday:July 25, 2014

Francesca's  Cecina Bandaged Peplum Top, GAP White distressed jeans (similar jeans here), Forever 21 Faceted Faux Stone Bib Necklace, Target Lonna & Lilly Large Crystal Hoop Earrings, Cole Couture Bracelet (similar bracelet here), Steve Madden 'Stecy' Shoe

I had too much fun last Saturday night! My mother-in-law called me Friday after work and asked if I wanted to do girls dinner Saturday night. I of course said yes. So I felt it necessary to do a little shopping. I found this AMAZING top at Francesca's. I literally fell in love. Over the last year I have found a love for anything peplum. Tops, dresses and skirts. But this bandaged style just gave me a whole new view of peplum. It hugged me in all the right places and the best part is that it didn't slide down like most tub tops I have! This top is going to be such a staple piece in my collection for years to come.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Trends 2 Try: T-shirt Dresses

I have a new found LOVE for t-shirt dresses. Especially the striped kind. I've become completely obsessed to the point I literally can't even deal.  I have always had an appreciation for comfort relaxed style, and that what's t-shirt dresses are to me. You may have seen a couple weeks ago on my Instagram that I wore a GAP t-shirt dress to a conference I was at. Luckily it was the last day and 95% of the people where in jeans anyway.

T-shirt dresses are so effortless and will always be in style. Lucky for all my readers that I love so dearly I have found some t-shirt dress that I am obsessed with! Chances are I will be adding a few of these to my collection. Enjoy!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Make-Up Diaries: bareMinerals Bareskin Pure Brightening Foundation

I'm one of those girls that finds a foundation and sticks with it for life. I've been using DIOR for years. With all the skin issues that I have been battling it was the only foundation that didn't give me a single problem. I started to notice that by early afternoon my forehead would look shiny. After doing some research, I learned that your skin changes over the years. My normal to dry skin had now changed to semi-oily skin. So I decided to take the blunge and change my foundations.

I had never used bareMinerals at all, but I heard from multiple girlfriends that it was the best for people with skin issues. I knew that the new bareMinerals Bareskin Pure Brightening Foundation had just been released and I was curious about it. So a couple weeks ago I stopped in Sephora and got my skin color matched, they put it on my skin and I tested it out for the day. I LOVED IT and ended up ordering the foundation and the special brush online that night.

I've been using bareMinerals Bareskin Pure Brightening Foundation for about a week now. It is so light and the coverage is amazing. I have had no issues with oily skin. Basically I am obsessed with anything that is bareMinerals right now.

It's so easy to use too, if you buy the brush (which I highly recommend) that goes along with it. I love the fact that I don't have to put the foundation on my hand or use my fingers at all. I use two-three drops on each side of my face and one for my forehead. The coverage is awesome and I don't feel like I have something heavy on my skin. I've been recommending this product to EVERYONE.

Questions about this product? Feel free to contact me of comment!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Fashion Fun Friday: July 18, 2014

Kate Spade polka dot silk top (similar found here) & VOOM by Joy Han Nadia Pencil Skirt in Coral (similar jacket here), Chloe & Isabel Necklace, Fergalicious by Fergie shoe (similar found here

I've been feeling a little frisky this week.The urge to try new trends and styles has been uber strong. This past week I watch a video from the AMAZING Alexandrea Garza about having the perfect beach waved hair. So after I ordered my 1-inch curling wand from Sephora, I spent Wednesday night trying it out. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you know that my curling wand attacked my neck and I have this wonderful black burn mark. That was really hard to explain at work yesterday. Any who I was obsessed with my hair, outfit and makeup on Thursday! Very on point. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Beauty Issue: Dry,Cracked Lips

I have horrible lips. Basically they suck (no bun intended). I suffer from dry, cracked and sometimes bleeding lips, probably from chewing on them in my sleep. Yes, I know it's totally strange. I am obsessed with chap stick. In my purse I have probably (just a guesstimate) 3 eggs of EOS, one tube of Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm and Hourglass N 28 Lip Treatment Oil. Thats just to get me through the day.

To get the dry, dead skin off my lips, I exfoliate every other day. And before you ask, YES you can exfoliate your lips. I use two different products. First I use e.l.f. Studio Lip Exfoliator and then Mary Kay Satin Lip Set in two parts. Part one is a two min lip mask followed by part two which is a lip balm. I do all of this right after I brush my teeth and before my make-up!

The BEST part of this whole thing? All three items together are $20.00! Beauty doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Enjoy!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer Obsession: Glass Seed Bead Necklace

I love SUMMER. Mostly in a fashion sense. Summer to me means maxi dresses, bikinis, shorts and the beach! Lucky me, I live mere miles from the beach. But with summer comes the latest summer trends. This year I am learning to love crop tops and 80's High waist shorts (Ok the shorts are gonna take me a LONG time to love.). I am LOVING white knitted cardigans and the bright jewelry! Recently I fell in love with long multi-strand seed bead necklaces. I purchased my sister and I each one from DSW before our trip to Mexico. I wore that necklace at least 4 times during our trip! But here are some of my favorite one, Enjoy!


Chloe + Isabel Marrakesh Long Statement Necklace  $68.00


bebe Two-Tone Seed Necklace (also comes in Gold/Silver) $36.00


Forever 21 Free Spirit Beaded Necklace (also come sin Coral/Gold) $10.80

Friday, July 11, 2014

Fashion Fun Friday: July 11, 2014

(Kardashian Kollection Dress (ON SALE!) & Jacket (similar jacket here), 

This weeks favorite look is my PRSA Sunshine Conference outfit. I will be at conference for the weekend meeting AMAZING public relations pros (shout out to Russell, Rico & Angeli!). This is my outfit for leadership day of the conference. I love this dress. I wanted to ROAR into the conference!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Links I Love: July 10, 2014

This is the first of many Links I Love! I have seen this on a number of different blogs. So I thought I would give it a try! Enjoy!

1. 36 Thank You Messages For Your Everyday Prince Charming. (huffingtonpost.com)
2. Natural Skin Care: 9 Ways to use Rose Water for Beautiful Skin. (www.beautyandtips.com)
3. One Dress Three Ways. (www.littleblondebook.com)
4. The Country's Coolest Ice Cream Shops (eatocracy.cnn.com)
5. Saddest Brazil Fan Ever Had a Touching Moment with a Germany Fan. (www.eonline.com)
6. DIY Ring Trays (cupcakesandcashmere.com)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

DIY Rug Cleaning

I am a clean freak. But since we have two dogs that's kind of hard. Every two months or so I feel like I need to clean all the rugs in our downstairs. Since the dogs stay downstairs 95% of the time, I feel like it sometimes has that "dog" smell.

As I lay in bed after family fun and fireworks on Friday, I saw this commercial:

After I saw that I felt that I NEEDED to clean every rug in the house. I wanted to find a rug cleaning process that would be easy and dry quickly. But because all of my rugs in the house are different fabrics it takes a little bit longer to clean. So after debating with myself, I decided to do one rug a day.

I went to my garage found a firm bristle broom, grabbed some laundry detergent and dragged the rug outside. First I soaked the rug with water, poured a cap full of laundry detergent on it and started scrubbing. I let the detergent set for about 35-40 mins then rinsed the rug until the water ran clear.

I left the rug outside to dry in the warm sun for the rest of the day. And TADA! It smells great and looks like it was professionally cleaned!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Summer Wardrobe Essentials

With summer well underway, it's my favorite time of year to wear bright colors. The sunny weather always puts me in a fabulous mood. I love just throwing things together for an easy, effortless style. Whether that be distressed jean shorts and a graphic tee or a free flowing maxi dress. Here are a list of some of my summer must haves!  

1. Fun Graphic Tee; H&M Celfie Jersey Top $12.95 2. Converse; White Converse Sneakers $50.00 3. Seed Necklace; Chloe & Isabel Marrakesh Long Statement Necklace $68.00 4. Strappy Sandals; Gap Rope T-strap sandals $29.95 5. Maxi Dress; GILT Floral Maxi Dress $69.00 6. Distressed Shorts AE Denim Shortie Medium Wash $39.95 7. Bright Nail Polish; Sephora Nails Inc. London $38.00

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Independence Day!

Happy 4th of July! I will be spending the day with CJ and our family at a BBQ watching fireworks and enjoying this great American holiday. We live in this great community that is adjacent to an outlet mall. They do there fireworks on the 3rd not the 4th. So we set up lawn chairs in our driveway and watched them. Of course I had to snap some pictures! But enjoy today and remember what it is all about and how proud we all are to live in this great nation. Please be safe!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Welcome to Presently Blonde! I think my blog journey has finally culminated into something I was too afraid to do, until now. I started blogging about a year ago. My blog at the time was about one specific topic. But as the months went by, I saw myself wanting to write more than just that one thing. That one thing was just a pie piece of my life. How can you simply write about one thing day after day?

After one terribly crappy day it dawned on me that my love for fashion, makeup, DIY's, fitness and so much more should be what I write about. Those are the things I love. It should just come naturally and flow through my fingers to my keyboard. Blogging shouldn’t be hard it should be fun!

I found myself wanting to inspire people by giving them a place where they can take 5 minutes out of their day to relax, laugh, learn about something new, ANYTHING! This is what Presently Blonde is about. Finding that inner you and bringing it out and learning how to enjoy the little things in life!

I really hope you enjoy my blog! Feel free to poke around. Be sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Or just drop me an email at Kylee@presentlyblonde.com. I would really love to hear your ideas or thoughts!

In the meantime I hope you enjoy my journey through life. I can’t wait for you to join me.