Tuesday, July 8, 2014

DIY Rug Cleaning

I am a clean freak. But since we have two dogs that's kind of hard. Every two months or so I feel like I need to clean all the rugs in our downstairs. Since the dogs stay downstairs 95% of the time, I feel like it sometimes has that "dog" smell.

As I lay in bed after family fun and fireworks on Friday, I saw this commercial:

After I saw that I felt that I NEEDED to clean every rug in the house. I wanted to find a rug cleaning process that would be easy and dry quickly. But because all of my rugs in the house are different fabrics it takes a little bit longer to clean. So after debating with myself, I decided to do one rug a day.

I went to my garage found a firm bristle broom, grabbed some laundry detergent and dragged the rug outside. First I soaked the rug with water, poured a cap full of laundry detergent on it and started scrubbing. I let the detergent set for about 35-40 mins then rinsed the rug until the water ran clear.

I left the rug outside to dry in the warm sun for the rest of the day. And TADA! It smells great and looks like it was professionally cleaned!

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