Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Five

[First time at the diving range with CJ]

This week seemed to go by like a snail on a sidewalk. But I am always thankful to make through another week. Thankfully it is a three day weekend and I get to spend some much needed time cleaning and catching up on things that should have already been done but got pushed to the, I'll do it when I get some extra time line. Now I have the extra time. But will all those things get done? Probably not. Let's be honest, I am probably going to enjoy the last bit of summer I have left!

[Ice cream break at Culver's. Concrete Mixers = AMAZING]

[My Soulmate... May I need to rethink this. How fun are these Coke Cans?]

[Lucy (my car) looking peaceful in the late afternoon sun.]

[Some GREAT shoes I got CJ at the Nike outlet. 80's party anyone?]

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wardrobe Wednesdays: Cargo Chic

[Jersey Dress, Cargo Vest (on sale, runs small), Bubble Necklace (similar here), 
Hoops, Aviators, Sandals (similar here), #Boss bracelet (similar here)]

Cargo jackets seem to be all the rage for the upcoming fall season. Sadly since I live in South Florida, jackets are not needed much until mid-January. So I settled for a cargo vest. Colors for this trend have been sandy tan and army green. I am partial to the green for fall right now. But as soon as I find a style jacket in tan that I love I will be sure to buy. It's on my must buy list for fall. Pairing this the vest with a simple grey dress with a pop of pink really made the outfit wearable even in late summer. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Foodie Fun: Labor Day Fruit Flag

Labor day is this coming Monday! Who doesn't love a Monday off? But with this holiday coming up I thought it would be fun to show you what I LOVE to make for this holiday (and Memorial Day and Fourth of July.). This fruit flag is something that always reminds me of summer. And it is a great breakfast dish too!

For the basic recipe follow below!

Grocery List:

Greek yogurt
Crescent Seamless Dough Sheet
Blue berries
Powdered sugar

Step 1: Cook Crescent Seamless Dough Sheet per instructions

Step 2: Let  Crescent Seamless Dough Sheet cool for 15-20 mins

Step 3: Sprinkle Powdered Sugar over cooled Seamless Dough Sheet

Step 4: Spread greek yogurt all over dough. Leave a half of inch along edges

Step 5: Place Blue berries, strawberries and bananas in a flag shape

Share with me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter if you do this fun food project! I would love to see it.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Make-Up Diaries: How to wear concealer (In three ways)

I've never been a concealer wearing girl. I was blessed with amazing eyes that hardly EVER (and I really mean that) get dark circles under them. It may happen at most once a year. After noticing (watching youtube videos and reading blogs) that concealer gives you more of a smooth eye look, I gave in and went to Sephora to get my skin color matched. And if your interested I use the bareMinerals Stroke of Light Eye Brightener Concealer.

Coverage with Brush Method

This is the method I use everyday for work. Now the key here is the extend (when blending) the concealer all the way to your temple. Tip when doing this: Move the brush in small circles to make the concealer more blended. Also make sure the the concealer is around your skin tone color. Otherwise it will stand out and look weird.

Triangle Method

There is a claim out there that wearing concealer in an inverted triangle reduces the look (possible making them nonexistent) of dark circles under the eye.  This is especially helpful for college student pulling all nighters or for the everyday woman (man too) who has to work late one night or has a new baby at home.

Sponge and Pat Method

Take your sponge and run it under water for a few seconds. Then squeeze the excess water out of it. This is the look I go for when CJ and I go out on dates for the dewy look. Place the concealer under the eye and blend in with damp sponge. It may feel like it is taking the concealer off your face but I promise it isn't.

If you have any question please feel free to leave a comment below and I will be sure to answer them!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Five

[Painting my mother-in-law gave us this week.] 

I am so excited it's almost the weekend. It has been such a long week. I see some major relax time with a side of KUWTK Marathon on E!. If you are a faithful reader of Presently Blonde you know that I usually do my favorite look of the week on Friday. I have changed things up a little bit. After noticing some other blogs doing Five things Friday, Five thing, etc. I came up with Friday Five. This will be five things that made me happy this week. Enjoy!

[Some very interesting dog inspired art. CJ and I saw this while driving home one night.]

[His & Her bath poofs from Target.]

[Testing out my new Anastasia brow powder.]

[Summer afternoon obsession. Passion Lemonade Ice-T from Starbucks.] 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wardrobe Wednesdays: Leather Peplum

I love peplum tops. It such a classy, sophisticated feeling when you wear one. It's like you look hot and you know everyone knows it. What girl doesn't love that feeling? When I found this leather maroon peplum top it was like the heavens opened up and a light shined on it. It was so inexpensive too, which made me love it even more. Pairing it with a straight leg pant and strappy pump makes it more of a fall chic. This will be my fall go to staple. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Back to Blonde (sorta).....

Ok let's be honest... Sometimes I don't get to my stylist every 6-8 weeks. There I said it. Prior to my cruise in June, I hadn't gone to see my stylist in about 11 1/2 weeks. It got so bad that my mother-in-law told me "I look like one of those Latin girls.". With my impending cruise this past June I had to stretch it this time.

After the cruise I thought a lot about my blonde hair. I'm obsessed with being a blonde. But with my roots being so dark (damn you Lithuania decent) the maintenance on my hair was unbearable. Heading to the salon every 4-6 weeks was getting to be a little too expensive. So I decided late Friday that when I went to the salon Saturday, we would try a blonde ombre!

And I am so glad I did! It is honestly taking some getting use to. But so far I am loving it and can't wait for my hair to grow out some more so the ombre looks even more amazing!! Be on the look out for future post on this one!

So what do you think of my ombre?

Monday, August 18, 2014

Sephora Make-up Haul: Summer 2014

I love Sephora. Like so much it's becoming a problem. More of like a beauty addiction. Over the last year my skin issues reached a peak and I FINALLY stopped buying CVS/Walmart make-up. But if you are one of those people that do that and it works, I'm jealous. Because for me it doesn't. My skin has expensive taste apparently.

Lately I've been watching make-up tutorials by Alexandrea Garza. She has such a knowledge on make-up, I feel like I am learning stuff and updating techniques. So after a Saturday binge watch of make-up tutorials, I made of list of things I would like to purchase. I took a little afternoon trip down to Sephora. Sadly they didn't have a lot of what I needed so back home I went to jump on my computer with my Credit Card. And here is a list of things I hauled (which ended up coming in three boxes.).

Sephora Collection Lips In Bloom Glossy Lip Pencil
Sephora Collections Three's a Crowd Pleaser
NARS Lip Gloss delux sample in Priscilla-FREE with coupon code

Josie Maran Mist-Refreshing Rose Water
Sephora Collection Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover

The best part after all this? I FINALLY became a VIP Rouge Member!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Life Lately According to my iPhone

The past two months have been FULL of conferences for me. I had a PRSA conference in early July and now I am at an FPRA conference in Orlando! I've been feeling like all I do is travel. But tonight I actually get to hang out and catch up with all my Public Relations girlfriends. I can't wait. With hanging out and catching up means tons of photos will be taken. And I thought it would be cool to share with you what's been going on in my life right now according to my iPhone. And show you through pictures whats going on in my life! Enjoy.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Guilt Free Monthly Buys: August

Last week was crazy. I had MAJOR car malfunction that totally drained me. And basically made me cry three out of the five days last week. So I apologize for being MIA last week. ANYWAY I have monthly guilty pleasures, and I want to share them all with you! So this is the start of my series that is guilt free monthly buys. Be on the look out each month for this great post! So enjoy August monthly buys (10 days late!)!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Anniversary Gifts for Her by: Him

I am so EXCITED about this post! I asked CJ a couple weeks ago if he would be willing to take a stab at doing a post for my blog for our impending Anniversary. He looked kinda of puzzled and after a little prompting he was more than willing! So here you go! Enjoy.

Three years is a long time in our book. August 4th forever changed my life. But three years is not quiet a mile stone anniversary. Don't get me wrong, any anniversary is a great anniversary and we are happy to have another year together. For our first anniversary I got Ky a promise ring which she wears every single day. I don't think there has been a day I haven't seen it on her right hand. But what do you get the woman that you love and plan to spend the rest of your life with for your anniversary? Because we men know that if we just get you an Anniversary Card, we will be in the DOG HOUSE for LIFE!

I've come up with a list of gifts (with the help of Ky's design skills) perfect for the fashion forward, makeup obsessed woman in your life. And Ky, don't worry you'll just be getting a card this year! Just kidding. I love you. So stop snooping around the house!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Fashion Fun Friday: August 1, 2014 -- Shopping Edition!

1.  Women's 3/4 Sleeved Jersey Dress 2. Women's Canvas Drawstring Vest 3. Embroidered Floral Eyelet Dress (Similar Here)  

So I wanted to spice things up this Friday, and decided to do the Fashion Fun Friday-- Shopping Edition! Actually, I just didn't have an outfit that was a favorite this week. I wasn't feeling fashionable. That makes me sad. BUT I did buy a two great outfit from GAP and Old Navy. So I can't wait to share them when I get it and wear it.

I am obsessed with this grey dress. I am going to pair it with the green army vest, for a fun fall look. The links are above for it. The eyelet white dress from Gap was a STEAL! I got it on sale for 19.00 and then an extra 40% off. I TOTALLY couldn't leave it for 11.40. It will be a great piece for next spring!