Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Five

[Painting my mother-in-law gave us this week.] 

I am so excited it's almost the weekend. It has been such a long week. I see some major relax time with a side of KUWTK Marathon on E!. If you are a faithful reader of Presently Blonde you know that I usually do my favorite look of the week on Friday. I have changed things up a little bit. After noticing some other blogs doing Five things Friday, Five thing, etc. I came up with Friday Five. This will be five things that made me happy this week. Enjoy!

[Some very interesting dog inspired art. CJ and I saw this while driving home one night.]

[His & Her bath poofs from Target.]

[Testing out my new Anastasia brow powder.]

[Summer afternoon obsession. Passion Lemonade Ice-T from Starbucks.] 

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