Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dear Andrea Seabrook of Decode DC.....

I very rarely get my feathers ruffled when it comes to news reporters. I get that they are reporting on an assigned story. And as my Gigi Granny always said, there are two sides to every story, and I always agreed with that. But being in the public relations industry you tend to grow a thick skin and let things and comment roll off your back. You basically learn that no matter how hard you pitch a story and get those amazingly perfect quotes, in the end the reporter is going to write what they what to write. End of story.

If you know me or follow me on any of my social media sites (FB, Twitter, Instagram) you know that Bentley and Stella (our two yorkies) are our world. CJ and I don't have any children, so our dogs are our children. We would honestly go to any lengths to make sure that they are happy and in good health. And for some people, I get that a dog is a dog. But that's not the case for us.

I have been following the Ebola case of Nina Pham since the beginning. And it breaks my heart that this happened to such a young nurse. But I have faith that she will pull through and that we have the greatest doctors in the world working on her case. But along with Nina is the story of her very young Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Bentley. And it honestly warms my heart that instead of killing her adorable dog they are monitoring it for Ebola symptoms. How great is that? I know that if I ever got Ebola I would want them to show my two babies the same mercy and monitoring them I am receiving.

Yesterday afternoon I read a HORRIBLE article by Andrea Seabrook of Decode DC entitled 'Outpouring of support should go to Ebola victims, not nurse's dog'. My mouth dropped. So here is my letter of response to Ms. Andrea Seabrook.

(WARNING: This is where my post may be a little rude and mean. Just giving ya'll a forewarning. So if you don't want to hear it then STOP reading now.) 

Dear Ms. Seabrook,

I read your article yesterday entitled 'Outpouring of support should go to Ebola victims, not nurse's dog'  and I have a question for you... What crawled up your butt ass and made you a heartless woman?

I agree with you when you state that Americans are very giving of their resources. I firmly believe in the old saying 'Do unto others, as they have done for you'. But as Americans if we so choose to give our hard working dollars to a dog who may have Ebola, that is our AMERICAN RIGHT to do so. So back off.

If you have read the news lately, which obviously I don't think you have, Mark Zuckerberg and his wife donated 25 MILLION to fight Ebola. And I am sure that he isn't the only extremely wealthy person to give to Ebola.

You make it seem wrong to love our animals the way we do. If we so choose to treat our pets as members of our families and sometimes as our own children, so be it. IT IS OUR CHOICE! Not yours. And how dare you judge us otherwise.

You know as well as I that Ms. Nina Pham is not be ignored. And if you are a good reporter (which from what I can see you are not) and actually did a little digging (it's called research for the elder reporters...) you would find out that there is a GoFundMe page dedicated to her. SHOCKER.... All it took was a 30 second google search of "Fundraiser for Nina Pham"

In closing, I suggests you do a little soul searching and find something you can actually write truths about instead of big lies. Everyone will hit a mid-life crisis. Maybe this is yours. Being a bitter reporter will never make you famous.

Also it is very clear why you no longer work at NPR...

Sincerely yours,

Kylee A. Pitts
Presently Blonde Blog

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