Thursday, October 9, 2014

Flannel Shirt Remix

I am currently IN LOVE (like so much it is embarrassing) with flannel button down shirts. They are my new go to staple for fall. Flannel shirts are so versatile you can wear them with almost anything. I love wearing them with my leather skirts to work or my leather legging for date night out. You can also wear flannel with jeans and a utility vest.

So with that said, I found some AMAZING Flannel shirts. I have been particle (shocker) to the Old Navy Flannel tops. Originally they only had the two colors a black/gray and a navy (not shown, but still amazing). NOW they have two more!!! So I will have to get those two eventually

I also have a pink flannel that I bought 5 years ago from Hollister Co. So as I was researching I found some Hollister Flannels that are for sure super cute. I forgot that I even had it in my closet!

Are Flannel Shirts a fall staple in your closet this year?

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