Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Five: Leather, Fall and Flannel

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#TGIF I am so happy it is FRIDAY! it haws been such a crazy week. Trying to get my life and blog back on track after being sick. I am slowly but surly getting there. But now that it's Friday it is time for my Friday Five! This week it is all about that perfect fall look. I am obsessed with candles and flannels and deep colors. So much so that I drive CJ up a wall with all the scents and smells in the house. But I am not the only woman out there that has this problem. Enjoy!

Apple Spice Candle- Who doesn't LOVE the smell of Fall?  I got this candle at Yankee Candle and I immediately picked it up. I might be because there is an apple donut on the front of it. Amazing. CJ loves the smell of apple. So it is one of the few candles he loves. We actually had a nice chill morning last weekend and I woke up and light this candle and it was perfect.

Leather Pencil Skirt- Leather and flannel at my go to staples for fall. I have a couple different black leather skirts styles in my closet. One is a black little flare and the other is a black pencil. Pairing a black leather skirt with the classic red flannel shirt or scarf (like the one below) is perfect work or dinner attire.

Flannel Scarf- I am becoming addicted to flannel. I really feel like I need to go to Flannel AA. This scarf just seems so cozy and fun to me. Classic red flannel is always amazing. This is a must have if you live in cold weather.

Ballet Back Tee- This backless tee is so beautiful. I am partial to this gray color. But it comes in several other colors. It would go great with the leather skirt from above. Wrap a scarf around you and you are good to go. The swoop back adds a little sex appeal to it. Can't wait to get mine in the mail.

Ruby Earrings- With the holidays just around the corner these little ruby red earring studs are a must. Thank GOD Chloe & Isabel has them in like every color possible. I love that these will match my red flannel shirt or scarf.

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