Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Letter to my 18 year old self

Kylee early summer 2006. Age 18.

You've reached your late twenties and made it through college. You have a full time job and two yorkies to top it off. You still live in South Florida and the Mustang is long gone but not forgotten. And you finally found the man who makes your heart skip a beat. But along the way there are a few things you will learn along the way...

College out of state is amazing. You will love it and you will meet the best friends you've ever had (DK Fam for Life). Don't forget to get out of the house and have fun. Your a smart girl. Don't let that doe eyed boy at Carolina Cup break your heart. He wasn't worth it.

And you will get your heart broken A LOT. It's ok just get up and brush yourself off. No man is worth driving 10 hours over 3 states to find out he's unfaithful. The runny mascara, eyeliner and fresh make up will happen, but he is out there I promise. Just drink more wine and you'll do great.

Get out and see North Carolina. Star gazing on the blue ridge parkway will always be worth it. Even on those cold nights. Oh and snowboarding in a blizzard when you should be studying for finals will always be the best idea you ever had. Frozen hair and all.

Take care of the mustang. Because one day you wake up and she isn't sitting in your drive way. You will know the true feeling of losing your first love.

Four loko will NEVER be a good idea. Neither will a Gin Bucket on your 21st birthday. But Cook Out at 2 AM every Friday night will be fine.

Get to the gym. Strictly doing ballet and walking 10 miles to class up hill in the snow will never be considered a work out. And while your at it, eating Cup a Soup every night is not healthy. Make some real food.

Someone will give you your first job. It won't be great. And you will be way under qualified. But it is an experience and you learn to not wash your hair every single day. The light will shine again. And you will find your way.

You will eventually get along with your parents. And you will find your best friend and confidant in Kelcy. You guys will finally see eye to eye. But know that there will always be wine and laughs when you guys get together. Even if you are a thousand miles away. Oh and look forward to lip-syncing videos. Save them and plan to blackmail each other at your bachelorette parties.

When you bring your co-worker soup because he tore his ACL, take a chance and jump in. Don't wait for him to tell you to kiss him... Wait that's actually a good one. And that one kiss I promise will change your life.

Kylee, dance as much as you can and smile. Life is too short, and you have too much to live for. Oh and about those five blizzards that you endure at the end of 2010, your car will be snowed in for 3 months. Sorry.

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