Monday, October 13, 2014

Sleeping Sexy

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I have always believed that you should feel beautiful ALWAYS. Even if you don't have make-up on or if you are sleeping. A couple of years ago I would just wear a t-shirt and shorts to sleep. I was single and could care less about how I felt while sleeping. When CJ and I go together, I decided to do what I called 'Sleeping Sexy'. It's a combo of wearing sexy pj's or sleep dress, wearing the proper face creams and wearing lotion on your hands, neck and body that makes you relax. So I thought I would share with you some of my favorites for Sleeping Sexy!

If your curious about my night time face routine, check out my post featuring all the night time face products I use. I literally cant live without these items! Enjoy!

High / Low Chiffon Chemise- Wearing a sexy night dress always will make me feel sexy. Even if I have the flu or something gross like a drippy nose. As soon as I put on the night dress I immediately feel like singing 'I feel pretty, Oh so pretty!'.

Eucalyptus Spearmint Aromatherapy Body Lotion - This lotion is so relaxing. I bought it a few weeks ago on a little shopping venture in Bath & Body Works. There is a whole line of Aromatherapy lotions, hand soaps, body soaps, bath bubbles etc. I am really excited to try other products from this line!

Short Pajamas- These are such a classic pajama style yet still very sexy and preppy. Who doesn't love just a classic comfy pajama set? This color is a very nice navy deep color. These are great for those cool winter nights when you can wear nearly nothing but still want to feel sexy

Satin Cami and Short Set- I love the feeling of satin on your skin. That feeling just makes you automatically feeling sexy and that you can literally do anything. CJ especially loves the feeling of satin and I generally get a back rub if I wear it!

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