Friday, October 10, 2014

TV Round Up: Rants & Raves.

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead. If you haven't watched the following: Dancing with the Stars (DWTS), Castle, Scandal or Grey's Anatomy. STOP reading now!

New fun little post that I will now be doing on Fridays including my Friday Five (which will be up later today) will be TV Round. I am an obsessive TV watcher. Mainly"my shows" are on Sundays, Mondays and #TGIT aka Shondaland Thursday aka I want Jake Ballard (Scott Foley) to lay on top of me.

RAVES: DWTS- Ummm my prayers where answered Monday night when Alfonso Ribeiro FINALLY did the Carlton Dance. And it was AMAZING. If you where anything of a 90's child like myself, then you know the nostalgia of this dance. Can we please get Will Smith back on there and do Jump On It? I need some Will the Thrill and Boogaloo Shrimp.

RANT: DWTS- Still on DWTS... Can I say how I thought the whole audience voting was dumb? 99% of us Americans are not professional dancers. We are opinionated and know what we like (also known as a popularity contest  in my book). Lets leave the scoring to the professionals/celebrities.

RANT: Castle- Can I say that I HATE Kate Beckett's new hair cut? OMG girl needs some volume bad. Also the fact that they are seemingly to take a month break from each other before they get married because things are not normal like they use to be? WTF!

RAVE: Scandal- Obsessed with Cyrus Beene is having his own gay version of Pretty Woman. Amazing.

RAVE: Scandal- Favorite line from Jake Ballard "Call me later if you want me to do that thing to you..." UMM YES PLEASE!

RANT: Grey's Anatomy- Meredith is being a bitch. Bottom line. Not her fault she has another secret sibling. So don't take it out on the new Cardio God.

RAVE: Grey's Anatomy- Ok so this is a sad rave. I nearly cried because of Dr. Owen's speech about his love for Cristina and how he misses her and how he light up his life. Oscar worthy speech? Umm Yes!

RAVE: Grey's Anatomy- Apparently according to Meredith, Alex has a big "member" and Jo is a very lucky girl. Amazing.

RANT: Scandal- Why on earth would Olivia bring Papa Pope coffee? And invite Jake to dinner? What the H is going on.

RAVE: Scandal- The hashtags. I feel out of my bed laughing so hard when Huck said #badbitchcontest

RANT: Scandal- Everyone needs to stop giving Millie she wants. Girlfriend needs her head checked out. It is horrible her son died. But she needs help.

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