Friday, October 17, 2014

TV Round Up: Rants & Raves

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead. If you haven't watched the following: Dancing with the Stars (DWTS), Castle, Scandal or Grey's Anatomy. STOP reading now!

RANT: DWTS- I officially think Bollywood should be banned from DWTS. It is not dancing. It is basically jumping around and looking like and idiot. CUT IT OUT!!

RAVE: DWTS- I LOVE Mark Ballas. End of Story. #DrunkInLove

RANT: DWTS- Jessie J was a horrible judge and Julieanne was just in a pissed off mood tonight. PMS much?

RAVE: Castle- How adorable is it that Castle and Beckett haven't had sex since the "Almost/But Not" Wedding. And who doesn't love when Castle talks nerdy. Please talk nerdy to me baby!

RAVE: The Invisable Man (or person) is real. OMG

RAVE: Grey's Anatomy- Maggie and Derek hugging after she tells him she is his sister-in-law. Adorable. Even more adorable when Derek says that he loves sisters. Sigh.

RAVE: Grey's Anatomy- Richards heart to heart with Mer about how he remembers everything at the carousel. I seriously cried. The ugly girl cry.

RANT: Scandal- Little Presidents Daughter is a whore. Threesome with two guys? AND the Eiffel Tower... Nice touch Shonda. And I am amazed that Secret Service Agent has a name.... Tom? Come on Shonda we can do better than that.

RAVE: Scandal- THOSE EYES! When the President asks where Liv was for two months! My heart broke in two. And it only took 4 Episodes for them to FINALLY talk and makeup and get my hopes up and SHATTER them again.

RANT: Scandal- Millie lost her shit and grabbed Olivia's arm. DONZO.

RANT: Scandal- WTF PAPA POPE! AND SECRET AGENT TOM!! I officially hate my life. How could they frame Jake Ballard for Jerry's murder! I died a little inside.

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