Friday, October 24, 2014

TV Round Up: Rants & Raves

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead. If you haven't watched the following: Dancing with the Stars (DWTS), Castle, Scandal or Grey's Anatomy. STOP reading now!

RAVE: DWTS- Muy Caliente Night is always my FAVORITE. Leah Remini was the BEST CO-HOST EVER! Can we please get rid of Erin Andrews (sorry hunny I know you love her and thats the only reason you watch DWTS with me) and replace her with Leah Remini??

RANT: DWTS- Why is it that EVERY week Michael Waltrip is saved? I grew up a NASCAR girl with my Daddy. But REALLY!! UGH. Worst elimination ever.....

RAVE: DWTS- Whitney and Alfonso did my favorite dance of all time! Who doesn't love a little booty dance?  Oh and how Leah Remini beat Derek Hough for not know what its like to get 5 or 6's? Can someone scream #TRUTH? Best night ever.

RAVE: Grey's Anatomy- Obsessed with the fact that Mer and Callie got drunk off tequila. It made me miss Cristina and the best part? They made up a song about vaginas. A-mazing.

RANT: Scandal- Papa Pope why are you such a heartless man? You made your daughter believe Jake killed Jerry Grant AND Harrison Wright! Come on!

RAVE: Scandal- Abby and Liv are friends again. Can someone please get me a tissue? And Mellie is FINALLY done with the Uggs and Kimonos! THANK GOD!

RANT: Scandal- Cyrus was such a dick to Olivia about Jake my freaking mouth dropped! I literally couldn't deal.

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