Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas Shopping Guide: For the Dog

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I have literally so excited to write this post. For anyone who knows me they know that I am completely OBSESSED with my two dogs Bentley (the Beebs) & Stella Belle. And for me to be apart from them for the past 10 days has been killing me. It also doesn't help that CJ keeps sending me sad pictures of them with captions that say "I miss my mommy" or "Where did my mommy go?". Literally breaks my heart into two. But today I am driving back home to South Florida with my mom.

Christmas is very important to me. Even though I don't have any kids, I treat me dogs as kids and wrap presents and put them under the tree like for them. They usually get more than CJ gets. Sorry hunny. Anyway I put together a little gift guide for the four footed friend in your life. I know I will be getting some of these things!!

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