Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Christmas Shopping Guide: For Her (By Him)

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So a couple months ago for our anniversary, CJ wrote a blog post on what to get her for your anniversary. It went over SO WELL that I asked him to write another post for Christmas! With some help from me (design wise) he actually picked out some amazing things! Enjoy!

Christmas is very big in my family. It's so big that we have two nights of dinners and family time. Between my mom's side of the family, my dad's side of the family and Ky's family, our holiday season is, to say the least, exhausting. But there is nothing like spending time with your family. I know Ky especially looks forward to New Year's Eve because it is usually just the two of us and we both truly treasure that time together.  

Kylee (thankfully) is like every girl. She loves fashion, coffee, books and jewelry. There is a running joke that she always thinks she is getting a watch for Christmas. Because the first two Christmas's we where together I got her a watch. For the record, I don't recall what she is talking about. I also got her a pair of Ralph Lauren grey jeans that first christmas as well. 

This will be our fourth christmas together. I know, its crazy to think that we have spent four christmas's together. And when it comes to gifts, Ky generally tells me exactly what she wants. Which makes my life easier. But for those guys out there who are not as lucky as I am, here is some help on what to get that special woman in your life. 

CJ is literally so adorable I can't stand it. To those men out there who don't know what to get the her in your life, my advice to you is JUST ASK HER! Trust me she has ideas of what she wants and I promise she will tell you. If you have questions feel free to leave a comment  below for CJ or myself to answer it! Happy Tuesday! 

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