Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas Shopping Guide: For Him

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Well since I have been MIA for a little while, a lot of life changes have happened (update soon I promise). I have been at my parents house in Georgia for about a week now just taking a break and breathing. But with that I have been constantly thinking about blogging and have revamped the blog with posts! I am so happy and excited!

With Christmas right around the corner I thought I would share my holiday gift guide for different aspects of my life, in hopes to help you out a little in your life. Today I am going to share the Holiday Gift Guide for the man in your life. CJ is extremely hard to shop for. Like so hard that it takes months of planning to get the perfect gift.

For those who don't know CJ and I personally, we have been together for almost 4 years. And he is extremely tall. Like a foot taller than I am. He is almost 6'5. He is a basketball player at heart. So this holiday gift guy is for all types of guys. Oh and side note: I know I added a candle in this BECAUSE every guy has a favorite candle. They wont admit it but they do! This is CJ favorite. Take a risk and get a candle!

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