Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Bold Spring Lips - From the Drugstore.

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I love a good bold lip. Especially in spring. I think it just always adds an extra POP to whatever you're wearing. But the good thing about lipsticks is now drugstore brands are upping their game and not breaking the bank with pricing. A couple weeks ago I took a little trip down to my local Ulta (shout out to all my Estero Ulta girls!!)... Ok let's be honest, I make weekly trips to Ulta like it's my job. It's a problem. But as I was walking through I ended up in what I call the drugstore makeup side, I started looking at lipsticks and swatching my hands and fell in love with a few shades. The best part of all this? All these lip colors are under $6.00! Amazing. I got four lipsticks for less than the price of one YSL.

Drugstore brands have been upping their lip game in terms of quality and lasting. Maybelline just come out with a 14-hour lipstick that I am itching to try. But the colors are a little Fall-ish. More neutrals and deep colors. And I am all about being bright right now.

I hope this little guide helps you get some ideas and gives you a little boost to try some new lip colors from the drugstore! Thanks for stoping by!

[Sadly the lighting I was in didn't reflect well on my lips. SO I made swatches for you guys!]
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