Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Five

[At the end of Splash Mountain at Walt Disney World in Orlando]

I am so HAPPY it is Friday. I've never been so tired. But that is probably a lie! There is not a big enough coffee in the world to help my exhaustion this week. But tomorrow I will sleep in, get a facial, work on some posts for next week and relax. CJ and I may even hit the beach or the pool at some point during the weekend. Things will be changing around Balancing in Heels. Ya'll have said you want more fashion posts, makeup posts and videos. I want you guys to know that I hear you and it it coming! Yay! Happy Friday!

[Flowers from the Walt Disney World Flower Festival]

[Throw Back! En Vogue. Super excited to go to their concert with my mom]

[Enjoying the garden and a sample of beer!]

[So much support from this outfit on Instagram on Wednesday!]

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