Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March Edition: 3 Months down, 9 Months to go...If you want a New Year's Baby, Better get to work.

I can't believe how FAST March flew by. April is here and that mean rainy season is upon us here is Florida. It makes me sad and kind of excited at the same time. Sad because rain here isn't like normal rain. When it rains here it's like a monsoon. Where my office is, is a known flood zone. At least a couple times a year some roads will be shut down due to the rain. I'm excited because I can see the beach from my office and I get to watch the beauty of nature and watch storms roll in over the water. I am totally weird.

Some highlights from this month:

  • Re-launching of Presently Blonde to Balancing in Heels
  • Balancing in Heels has 6 post a week. (M,T,W,TH, F and Sun) 
  • A YouTube Channel is in the works. Stay tuned 
  • I am on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Follow me! 
  • And I love you all! 
Now if you missed any post from this month here they are all wrapped up in a nice little bow! Enjoy!

March 2nd - 8th 

March 9th -15th 

March 16th - 22nd

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