Monday, March 16, 2015

Sarasota or Bust! Girls Weekend in Review

Growing up I really never had girlfriends. My sister was the closest female "friend" I had, and at the time we basically tolerated each other at best. The best part is she reads BIH every morning and she is probably laughing right now because she knows it's the truth! Moving on, in college I joined a sorority and really loved that but post college I lost touch with all of my sisters. CJ was really worried about me and told me that I truly needed friends. Little did I know that my best friends where literally right around the corner.
The Sisterhood of the Dark and Twisty is something that a night of wine, bitching about life, husbands, dogs and more wine came about. Oh and we have a tendance to do endurance running. That's just a fancy way of saying we run half marathons so that we don't murder our significant others or go crazy. Claire and Christine have pulled me out of my lowest lows and I know will be there for my highest highs. And who let Claire decide we should do a half marathon in off season?

We started off Saturday morning in the car on our way to Sarasota. This also happens to be Christine's birthday weekend. Which makes this whole girl's weekend extra special. Even though we are running a half marathon (13.1 miles). It's only an hour drive north of where we all live which is nice. We stopped for Starbucks on the way and at Christine's request we stopped by Fit2Run for their GIANT tent sale. And OMG am I glad we did! I purchased some items that where 90% off. Amazing. After we stopped by to pick up our bibs, had some lunch and finally bikini bound with drinks in hand on the beach.
Packet pick up was held at Fit2Run Downtown Sarasota. Fit2Run holds a special place in all of our hearts because we all use to train through there training program and that's how we all became best friends. The swag bag was AMAZING. We not only got our race tech shirt (which went right in my t-shirt blanket bag) and we also got a 10 year anniversary jacket included.

The race went better than expected. With this being my "off season" I didn't train at all for this race. My last race was in January. And I think I ran once since then. We stuck to our 3:1 intervals (3 min run, 1 min walk) which got me through. Final time for 13.1 miles was, well I am not sure because they screwed up my time!

 [Photo by our dear running friend Mark Costa!]
I always like to say what the peak of out trip and the pit of our trip was. So here we go! 

The Peak: The three of us CAN NOT parallel park to save our life. It started out with Christine trying to parallel Claire's car she got us 65% there. Then I got in the car and got us 95% there. Then Claire got in the car and took use back down to 30%. Finally two older men from New Jersey, who where getting a good 10 min laugh at us came over and parked Claire's car in 2 mins. HILARIOUS! 

The Pit: The race was fun, but I don't think this is one that I would do again. The first 6 miles where great and I loved that part of the course. The last 6 miles where horrible. Running against traffic with car toxins was gross. I'm pretty convinced that I got high at one point during the race! 

Overall it was a fab weekend with my ladies!

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