Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Trend Report: Brush Your Shoulder's Off

Spring is here! YAY! I love spring colors. Living in Florida we have two seasons here... hot and hotter. There is no in between. So shorts and tank are always a must in my wardrobe. But bright colors are put away in my storage bags in my closet. And since Friday was the official first day of spring, it's time to put away the dark and drab!

A HUGE trend I have been noticing is the off the shoulder tops. I am loving this boho look. Especially if its made of white lace, knit or crochet. OMG I literally may die. ASOS seems to have the biggest selection at the most reasonable price. I can't wait to buy one and pair it with my distressed jean short! How cute would it be to have a headband around my forehead!! AHH!

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