Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Weekly Wish List: AEO Smock Crop Top

Listen, I am no teenybopper. So I tend to shy away from the crop top craze. I have one that I bought from Hollister Co. last summer for my cruise. They are excellent to throw over a bikini top and go. But I could never bring myself to just wear a crop top out with some jeans. Let's be realistic, I am in my late twenties, I should not be wearing crop tops out in public..... Until I saw this little beauty at AEO.

It's description says crop top, but it only has what I call a peek-a-boo waist line. If you where a teenager in the early 00's you know what I'm talking about. Before the crop tops we all wore shirt and tops a size smaller to have a peek-a-boo of our waist line.... Yes it was a thing. And yes I wore them all the freaking time.

I really love this top for two reason. One: It is really not a crop top. Two: It has the peasant/Mexican/Boho vibe to it. Obsessed. Just waiting for this little baby to go on sale and then she will be all mine! I hate buying things full price. Just not my style.

More peasant tops I LOVE!

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