Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Five

[I never really post pictures of CJ, but we went on a hike this past weekend and I love this pic of him!] 

Friday is everyone in America's favorite day of the week. Getting back in the grove this week has been great. I've also been adding some new workouts into my week. Off-season is almost over. Time to get my running back into gear and get more zen. Hopefully yoga will help with that. Spring cleaning is going to be in full force this weekend. Especially with our lease almost up. It's time to start getting rid of things. But have a great weekend ya'll! See you on Monday!

[Bentley watching the early evening thunderstorm.]
[Checking out this Trans AM at a local car show... with Champaign in hand. Classy.]
 [Late picture, but this was out Easter Dinner!]
[Our other car. CJ Show Car. Jaguar SJX. Fancy]

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