Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Lilly Pulitzer for Target Maxi

On Monday I started to share my "Pink Sunday" adventure. Now on with the story! 

The clock struck 8:00 AM and the doors to Target opened and I ran. Everything started to be in slow motion. I remember running right to the women's apparel section and started to grab. I knew I wanted to be extremely fair so I just grabbed the smalls in styles that I could and a size 4 in the shift dress. Sadly of the ENTIRE look book Target released, there where 8 piece of adult clothing from the "collection". 

After scooping up what I could in women's I full out marathon sprinted to the home goods section. I was beyond happy to snag the expresso cup set. I wanted to grab another set of cups for my sister Kelcy, but again the limited quantity didn't allow me. Because there where only two expresso cup sets. After slowly catching my breath, I walked over to the beauty section and got the last three Lilly lip glosses. Then I did one last lap around the women's section and headed to check out. 

Overall it was an interesting event that was over in a matter of seconds. Target did a great job of boosting up the hype. And from a PR/Marketing stand point you would of thought they would be prepared. I felt beyond guilty that people who where probably 8th in line probably didn't get anything. Target was so unprepared and made many women so upset. I only missed 3 things on my entire wish list. But I will not be supporting the eBay price gouging. Because Hunny, I can go to the real Lilly Store and buy a dress for the price of the Lilly for Target Shift dress!

What did you score during Pink Sunday? Share your pictures with my via Twitter @kyleeinheels

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  1. I had a similar experience. People were crazy! My mom even got hit with a shopping cart! I really wanted the espresso cup set, but had no luck so I'm super jeal! I got the blue dress I wanted though : ) Cute blog!