Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day to all! I hope that you are enjoying this nice little day off (if you have today off!). We will be having a BBQ at CJ families house. His family is really into Patriotic holidays. I think it's nice that we just get to spend some time together. But enjoy the day! I am gearing up for a whole new week of posts! Yay! Have a great day ya'll!

Monday, May 18, 2015

The Billboard Music Awards: Best & Worst

The Billboard Music Awards are a celebration of today's hits. It's such a young and care free award show. Fashion can range from extreme (2014 Chrissy Tegan, I'm looking at you girlfriend) to Oscar style glam or just casual glam. I personally feel that it should be fresh and young. Oscar glam ball gowns do not apply here. Now for some in the music industry this is their Oscars and by all means if you feel you should wear ball gown, work it.

So now enjoy my list of the best and worst from the Billboard Music Awards last night! What was some of your favorites?

David Lee Roth: WTH? Adidas cleats and Under Armour? Did he literally just get done from soccer practice and forget he had to walk the red carpet? I seriously just can't. You're a MF ROCK LEGEND! Get it together. 
Hailee Steinfeld: This looks awful. It looks as though she went to her grandmother attic and found this. Too country look for this awards show. And this shoes! Is she wear black socks with black pumps? I can't.
Taraji P. Henson: Boo Boo Kitty (If you don't know what they means Google it!) this cut is all wrong for you. I don't know if the angle is bad on the camera, but having tattoos visible through body cut out's on a dress is not classy at all. 
Tracee Ross Ellis: Low cut leather jump suite? Just no. 
Zendaya: Girl. This still isn't The Met Gala. Mixing animal patterns will never work. And what's with the coral growing off this outfit? Gross.
Kira Kazantsev: Miss America... Get. With. The. F***KING. Program. Bottom line regardless this is awful. The color. The everything.  Ugh gross. 
Meghan Trainor: This look is too dark. I do love the dark green but it's too dark and long sleeve. Oh and she looks like a mirror ball. This is something for the Oscars. I'm hoping that she will work on the look for the next red carpet. 
Jennifer Lopez: Ok so some of you are going to be pissed, but I am SO SICK OF THIS LOOK ON HER! I feel like every time I look at her on the red carpet it's literally this see through mesh skin type look. UGH I'm so over it! 


Chelsea Briggs: WINNER! A sequined body con dress in chevron? I'm done. Insert Mic Drop here. 
Bryshere Y. Gray: Hakeem on Empire is my Everything. I love this marble style suite. And the matching shoes? Swoon. Sing for me Hakeem! Sing for me! 
Tori Kelly: I'm loving the fringe. White Fringe is everything. I don't care what year or generation it is. White Fringe will always work. 
Lindsey Stirling: I'm loving this. I know this is really Oscar style, but it's just so gorg that you can't just not give it a little shout out! 

Kendall Jenner: I LOVE THIS JACKET. And can I say that I am way beyond excited that she is wear head to toe H&M and this will all be available at the store and online in the near future? CJ I am sorry for what's about to happen on the credit card! 

Kylie Jenner: Regardless of the fact that she got her lips done (Don't worry Ky girl, I'm all for a little nip/tuck/plump) she looks amazing. I love the black and gold combo look. I do think the booty heels are a bit much but it still works for this look. 

Taylor Swift: Oh T-Swift. I'm LOVING this white cut out jump suite. It makes your boob-less self look like you have some major cleav girl! There is hope out there for girls like me! Thanks T-Swift!  

50 Cent: As soon as he got out of the limo I was like OBSESSED. I've never been so obsessed with a male celebrity look on the red carpet. I ran down stairs and made CJ see it! The black to white ombre is freaking flawless. I'm drooling.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Five

[Walking through downtown Philadelphia!]
How the heck was your week? I love Fridays because you're so relaxed and carefree plus I'm a firm believer of sleeping in on Saturdays! The weeks for me have just been flying by. Summer is just around the corner and the extremely hot weather here is FLA is starting up. It get so hot here, you literally can go lay by the pool for no longer than an hour. Anyway I've kinda compiled the last couple weeks of things that I've done, been and seen on my Friday Five! Enjoy!

 [This happy little boy got spoiled and had some watermelon! And then proceeded to barf on our bed in the middle of the night]
[My older brother and younger sister in Philly a couple weeks ago. It was a short trip but fun to spend some time with them!]
[Sunday Golf with CJ. I can't play so I just usually sit in the golf cart and eat pretzels.]
[My niece playing tee ball. She cracks me up!]

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Eyelet Summer

Summer in Florida has already arrived. It's usually raining by the time I get home from work at 6:00pm. Which causes a fight between my dogs and I trying to get them to go outside for a little walk. Stella (our little girl) HATES and thing that is wet and will protest by sitting on the ground crying. But I was feeling particularly inspired after a rain storm the other night and decided to shoot. 

I'm completely in love with this eyelet white dress from Old Navy. I purchased it a little before Easter when ON was having one of their great sales. It's so light a breezy and you can wear it so many ways. Dress it up with heels (like I did for this look) or dress it down with some sandals or flats. Oh! And PLEASE pardon the gross grass in the background! They are landscaping our neighborhood! 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

April Top Three

April flew by. And of course it took me forever to get my April Top Three up. I feel like this happens every month for me. But it's better late than never! This month I've been playing around a lot with skin care products. With my skin constantly changing I have to change with it. And that mean skin care products need to change. Comment below if you would like me to do a post on my skin care routine! But without further adieu here is my April Top Three!
 St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub- Some of you may have seen a picture of this on my Instagram a couple of weeks ago. I religiously used this product in High School and College. Then for some reason I stopped using it! So as I was walking through Target a couple weeks ago and I saw it sitting on the shelf and I like did a double take. Since I started using it again all the cystic acne is coming to the surface. It will get worst before it gets better! I love the smell and the feeling on my skin it literally is a mini spa treatment for much less!
Kate Somerville Oil Free Moisturizer I LOVE YouTube Beauty Guru Girls! It's my Friday Night addiction. So one of the girls I was watching suggested this moisturizer. And being the skin freak I am, I researched the crap out of it and then headed down to Sephora to get a sample. This is literally the BEST moisturizer! It as this fresh feeling to it and doesn't make you feel weighted down and greasy. This was a little on the pricey side for me but totally worth it!
Kate Somerville EradiKate Spot Treatment I get facials every 6 weeks. It's important to me the keep my face pure and blackhead free. Plus Ulta gives the best Dermalogica facials ever! The girl that does my facials suggested that I get a spot treatment. So after searching the Sephora website I found Kate Somerville EradiKate. It's totally different then most spot treatments. You dip your Q-Tip in it and dap it on the spot, let it dry and the go to sleep. It has been amazing. If you get an occasional blemish, I total suggest this!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Met Gala: Best and Worst.

I am OBSESSED with The Met Gala. To me it's like the Super Bowl of Fashion. But not just Fashion, Couture Fashion. When I was little I would look at the magazines in the grocery check out line (I confess, I still do it) and thinking how beautiful the clothing was on the models. So when The Met Gala comes around I just fall in love with fashion all over again.

Every year The Met Gala has a theme. This year it was "China: Through the Looking Glass". Playing off the book by Lewis Carroll "Through the Looking Glass". Now I expected it to be some whimsical Chinese themed looked and boy was I NOT disappointed. But there was A LOT of skin... I'm looking at you Kim K, Queen B and JLo. So here is my round up of the best and worst from The Met Gala!

Claire Danes: Not a fan of the color. It totally washes her out.

Katy Perry: Please explain to me what theme you thought it was this year?

Miley Cyrus: I don't think Miley got the memo that the punk rocker theme was last year. 

Lady Gaga: Eyebrows so not on fleek. The gothic look is just so over done with her. #Overit

Alexa Chung: The cut of this dress is so awful. I love the classic Chinese print. But the box cut just kills the whole look.

Beyonce: I will probably get shot for this but the high pony killed the whole look for me. 

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: Can we please take a moment and admire the left breast for a moment and how complete amazing that cover looks on it! She is totally rocking this 80's vibe art piece of a dress. The boob and side high slit... I just fainted. 

Kendall Jenner: From a flat chested girl to flat chested girl. YOU KILLED IT WITH THE SIDE BOOB! That's all I have to say. 

Kim Kardashian West: Ok I know it doesn't go with the theme of the night but OMFG. One word. FLAWLESS. Mic drop and walk away.

Zendaya: This is what The Met is all about. Taking the theme and putting a young hip vibe to it. I'd literally kill for that headpiece she is wearing! But on a side note, Zendaya girl I am SO HAPPY you left the dreadlocks at home! 

Rose Byrne: This leather crochet look with the deep v gives boob-less chicks like me hope. This is such a great themed and effortless look. My mouth dropped. 

Diane von Furstenburg (DVF): Everyone please stand and honor a true fashion legend. I love DVF. She literally could rock a paper bag and it would still be glamours. I am obsessed with the half shoulder as well as the gothic floral print. Perfection.

Worst Couple:
Lisa Bonet & Lenny Kravitz: She literally looks like the old woman who lived in the attic. Lenny Darling I love the navy. But this whole beehive turtle neck dress your ex-wife is wearing. I just can't.

Best Couple:
George & Amal Clooney: Hollywood Royalty. Please bow down.