Monday, May 11, 2015

A Jolly Holiday in the Spring Time & WINNER!

So sorry I've been MIA! I've been traveling and then when I got home our HOA was replacing our grass and CUT our cable and internet cord by accident and we had not internet or cable for 4 days! Trying to entertain ourselves wasn't very hard. CJ made fun of me over Thanksgiving because I bought like 25 $1.00 DVD's on Black Friday but why would we need them? Because we have Hulu and Netflix.... Guess who was the genius over those 4 days? ME! 

A couple of weeks ago we went on an adventure. CJ is very much into Florida Landscape. Meaning he likes to read and learn about wetlands and marine biology. So he took me to this park that had some trails and we walked around. Of course I took a moment to take some photos. This whole  outfit is from Old Navy/Gap. Old Navy has been so on fleek (I have no idea what this on fleek is. I just felt like using it!). It is, to me, the essence of summer. The fedora, the printed short and soiled top. Totally an easy breezy outfit. I absolutely loved adding a pop of purple to this outfit in the MK cross body. Its just effortless. 

PS! Congrat to Lauren for being the WINNER of my contest! It's great! 

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