Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Five

[Walking through downtown Philadelphia!]
How the heck was your week? I love Fridays because you're so relaxed and carefree plus I'm a firm believer of sleeping in on Saturdays! The weeks for me have just been flying by. Summer is just around the corner and the extremely hot weather here is FLA is starting up. It get so hot here, you literally can go lay by the pool for no longer than an hour. Anyway I've kinda compiled the last couple weeks of things that I've done, been and seen on my Friday Five! Enjoy!

 [This happy little boy got spoiled and had some watermelon! And then proceeded to barf on our bed in the middle of the night]
[My older brother and younger sister in Philly a couple weeks ago. It was a short trip but fun to spend some time with them!]
[Sunday Golf with CJ. I can't play so I just usually sit in the golf cart and eat pretzels.]
[My niece playing tee ball. She cracks me up!]

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