Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Shift in Time

*Please not that the dress and shoes are all similar because the Lilly for Target line is no longer available! Also the bracelet is from Lilly and was a gift with purchase.*

When I did my Lilly for Target posts  (Post One & Post Two) I left out some piece I had purchased. Only because I had to get them taken in. My seamstress is amazing. CJ's mom has always said to me that a girl always needs a good seamstress in her life, and I couldn't agree more. If you take nothing away from this post, just know that you need a seamstress!

Back to this shift dress. This was one of the Lilly Shift Dresses I picked up during the Lilly for Target fiasco. I love the dark navy and the fish (upstream) pattern because it can be wore year round. I took a trip to Lilly with CJ's mom and sister Lexi a couple weeks ago and I must say that Lilly has really stepped up there pattern game. Gone are the days of frumpy ugly patterns. The bright welcoming patterns and colors at the Lilly store made me smile the whole time and I couldn't help but be happy... and spend money!

Do I recommend you save your pennies to splurge on a Lilly dress? Now she is extremely pricy, that's why I said save your pennies.But of course I think everyone should have a timeless piece from Lilly in there closet! I think that Lilly is bright and whimsy. I have literally become obsessed. I only have two pieces from the actually Lilly store. But I drool over her website weekly.

[My Favorite Photo Bomber! Say Hi to one of my roommates Dave!]

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