Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Five

[Dinner for CJ's Birthday!]
Wow this week went fast! I'm sure the weekend will go even faster. Plus I have tons to do with very little time to do it. Of course CJ discovered I need to go get new tires put on my car. Thankfully it isn't as expensive as my last car. So I will be spending my whole Saturday at Sears while CJ is volunteering. At least it will be at a mall so that I can wander around and get a spray tan at the tanning place across the street!

With all of this going on CJ and I need to start packing up our condo. Our lease is up at the end of July and will be moving into CJ's parents guest house for a short time. So we will also be sifting through things a giving things to non-profits that have resale shops etc. There is A LOT going on!

What are you doing this weekend? 
 [Birthday Presents from CJ's Parents!]
[CJ decided Monday that we should start watching Game of Thrones. Great idea... Especially since it was finals week for him!]
 [This was too cute not to share! I feel asleep watching Game of Thrones last night!]
[Best Pizza Ever!]

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