Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Five

[It almost went down the other night. CJ was at work.]
The binge watching of Game of Thrones continues. Like it's such an obsession in our house right now that we probably have eaten more pizza and take out more than usual. That's embarrassing! Even more embarrassing, I sometimes say 'Yes my Lord' to CJ when he asks for something. #nerdy. We are "planning" to go for burritos and a movie (Inside Out) tonight. But who knows, I may say screw it and continue to binge watch. Thank the God of Fire (it's from the show) we are on Season 4 Episode 4. Almost finished. 16 episodes to go until we are all caught up! AHHH!

What are your plans for this weekend?

[Mommy snuggles with this my little nugget Stella!] 
[Shelf Cloud. Thanks for teaching me weather terminology Ginger Zee! High Fiving myself. ] 
[Sunday Summer Cocktails!]
[Female Tiger Woods. Pre Elin Woods of course.]

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