Monday, June 22, 2015

Happy Everything Agenda Review & GIVEAWAY!

I'm so excited about today's post! I've teamed up with Coton Colors to bring you an exclusive look at the their new Happy Everything 17 Month Planner! Ok, let me be honest. I am a total old fashion girl who loves the smell of paper and writing down your schedule. I feel like it sticks in my brain a lot better. I do still have a digital (iPhone) calendar. But I prefer the good ol' paper planners/calendars anyday.
The team over at Coton Colors was nice enough to send me over a beautiful new planner for a sneak peek. Man was I impressed! From the bright colors to the big lined days. This planner has it all and more. My favorite feature? The big blank pages that you can doodle on! I'm a firm believer in doodling and started doodling in probably 1998!
The Happy Everything Planner is all about being happy and celebrating life. I love the little celebration/inspirational quotes at the beginning of each month. It def makes you slow dawn and think about whats going on in your life and celebrate the happy things! Especially the Happy Notes, this little section literally makes you think and write down what makes you happy this week! Uh LOVE! I do wish the general month view of the calendar was a bit bigger to write a little bit more but it is still totally workable.
I really can't wait to until August to start using this planner! It is going to be devoted to you guys and blogging. Being organized and on top of things is something I have to do. And the Happy Everything Planner is for sure going to help me do that.

Interested in purchasing one? Just click on over to Coton Colors and pre-order this planner online! It's totally affordable too. You all know I'm all about a good deal and playing $36.00 for a planner vs. going to Office Depo or Staples and paying upwards of $55.00 + for one (I'm looking at you Martha Stewart!). It's also sold in stores! Click here to find a store near you that sells this little amazing slice of heaven!
Be sure to sign up for Coton Colors' Special Offers Emails! Who literally doesn't love discounts and special offers? If you don't then we probably shouldn't be friends! Haha!

Oh and one more thing! The team at Coton Colors wants you to share the joy and celebration of their Happy Everything Planner and have decided to give one of my readers ONE FOR FREE! Follow the directions below to enter! Who doesn't love free stuff! Winner will be drawn on June 30th!

*Coton Colors provided me with the planner and sponsored this post. But as always all views and thoughts are all my own!*

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