Monday, June 1, 2015

Joining the Trend: The Lob

I've done the bob. I was 16 and just decided to chop of my hair. I swore this would never happen again. My mantra has always been: "It'll grow back. It's just hair. Not the end of the world." And with that mantra, I've grown to love hair extensions. I currently use Bellami clip in's. When I was blonder, I used a Halo Flip In extension. I love them both, but I currently don't wear the Halo because I am no longer blonde.

I woke up one morning a couple weeks ago with my hair curled to the max. Before heading into work I had the tame the beast. As I straightened my hair, I took a real close look at it. It was flat and dull. No life and body. So I sprayed some lifter on my roots and still nothing. That's all it took. I was done and needed a change.y this

I quickly FB my stylist Sam (PS Follow her on Instagram here!) and asked her to fit me in when she could. We had talked about a bob when I got my hair colored before Thanksgiving, but I wasn't ready to commit. But now I was ready.

So I've had a "Lob" for about a week now. And I must admit that I have only washed my hair twice since I got it done almost a week ago. I know I am gross but super lucky at the same time because I don't get oily hair so I can go 5-7 days without washing! But recently I've been splitting it up and washing two times a week!

Anyway have a Lob is totally different than having long hair. I must say that my hair feels 10x more health. But CJ isn't completely sold on the look. He is loves long hair and told me before I cut it that he probably wouldn't like it! I was prepared for it. But I think it is growing on him.

It's so easy to manage. I love doing loose curls and then going to bed then waking up and not having to do a thing with it! Totally amazing. So what do you think of this new trend? Is the Lob here to stay or will it go? Let me know!

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