Thursday, June 11, 2015

Spring Trend Report: Florals

It's hard to believe it's almost mid June! CJ's Birthday is this weekend and with a lot of big changes in our life going on I nearly forgot that he is also graduating from college in August! As happy as I am that he is FINALLY graduating, I am also stressing about what to wear to it!

A big trend I am noticing in stores (and in my closet!) is the big bright floral designs. And I am for one am loving it! So I am leaning towards this trend for CJ's graduation. Since we live in FLA, I'd ideally love a cocktail, sleeveless dress. Thank GOODNESS Eliza J Dresses has exactly what I am looking for!

After perusing through her look book. I found so many dresses the fit my needs! It's so hard to choose one that I like with the floral print! The best part her line is sold at so many retailers near me like Lord & Taylor, Macy's and Nordstrom. Which is great that I can go down to the local stores and try them on. Looks like there will be a weekend shopping trip in my future!

Here are some of my FAVORITES! 


  1. Oh! That shift with the blue roses L-O-V-E My husband hates florals, I'm starting to think he has no taste.

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