Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Weekly Weakness: Sparkle and Shine

If you're like me, anything that has sparkle on it or is shine catches my eye and I MUST go look at it and touch it. It like I'm Dory from 'Finding Nemo'! With the upcoming holidays I feeling everything is had glitter, sparkle, is gold color and shiny it's driving me (happily) mad!

Monday, November 16, 2015

The One with the Floppy Hat

[Hat (similar here), Top, Jeans (similar here), Boots (similar here), Sunnies
The Floppy Hat is a Fall staple as of this year. I noticed it a bit last year but wasn't fully sold on it until this Fall when we actually moved to place with Fall weather. When I was shopping around, I noticed floppy hats can be pricey. I wasn't looking to spend more than $20.00 on a hat that I would wear a hand full of times and then have it sit on a shelf in my closet until next Fall.