Monday, January 2, 2017

January Goals

New Years Resolutions are so over rated... Mostly because one of two things happen.

1) They are so out there that you can't complete them or you start them only to give up half way. 
2) They are so small/easy that you complete them within your first week and then your SOL for the year. And then you feel incomplete. 

Monthly goals just seem more obtainable to me. This way I can make little progresses in my life and still have goals!

Read at least one book this month. I just finished up 'Because of Bethlehem' by Max Lucado. This was such a great book to read during the Christmas season. It helped bring me back to the true meaning of Christmas. I'm thinking I am going to grab Chip & Jojo's  'Magnolia Story' next.

Finish up designing our living room. We've been redesigning some rooms in our new house. Most recently I've been hanging gallery walls everywhere. But we started ordering our furniture at the end of November. Everything has been ordered (minus our rug and curtains. I'm still undecided). But I'd like to get it more put together. The only thing that won't be is our couch which won't be in until mid-March... Trust me I'll write a post about it when it's done! 

Paint our office in the basement. We already have the paint we just literally need to spend a Saturday doing it! But I should probably clean it out before we do it...UGH.

Learn TWO new recipes. I feel like we are in a food hole in our house. I plan out our meals a head of time. But lately I feel like we've been eating the same things ALL THE TIME. Time to bust out some new pins on Pinterest (that have been on my pin board for months and I've done nothing with. You know you've done it too.) 

And the typical New Years Goal to end all goals... 
Start working out. At least 3 days a week. I can do this. I just need to get my happy butt out of bed. I'll get back to you on how this goes. 

What are some of your January Goals? Leave a comment below. I'd love to hear them!

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