Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Lilly After Party Sale January 2017 Tips and Ticks

BREAKING NEWS to my Lilly loving followers! The After Party Sale has be announced and it is literally the best sale of the year! Lilly runs two sales a year in Early January and Late August. This is by far the BEST time to buy Lilly Pulitzer--Trust me, I'm a professional.

Thursday January 5th - Friday January 6th (ends at midnight)
Sale opens at 8 AM Eastern Time on Thursday
UPDATE: The After Party Sale will end at 1:00 PM EST on Friday January 6th

It's that time of year to drain you bank accounts and max out your credit cards! #JustKidding

The January sale typically has a mix of late summer designs and fall/winter designs. It also ranges from clothing to sandals/shoes (with a mix of bags and accessories as well). Items will be marked 50% or more off the price. For example: a maxi dress that's prices at 250.00 will probably be 115.00 or under. Or an Elsa Top that retails for 158.00 will be 70.00 and under. KILLER DEALS.

Everything is FINAL SALE (no returns). But shipping for the sale is free, no matter what you buy!

It's no secret that I have a deep obsession with Lilly Pulitzer. I've even have my sister, sister-in-law, mother-in-law and my best friend Morgan on this obsession train with me. But if I am being real I can't afford any of it until the After Party Sale rolls around (otherwise I'd be broke and poor). And I was super blessed to have a Lilly Pulitzer themed Bridal Shower right before our wedding this October.

Like years past, you will be placed in a virtual line. Don't freak out when it tells you that your wait time is 12+ hours long. I promise you won't wait that long. This past August I waited 40 mins. My sister on the other hand only waited 15 mins. You will get in, don't panic.

Product will move VERY FAST. Just remember that if it's in your shopping cart it doesn't mean your going to get it. If there is something you have your heart set on I'd get in buy it and go back in the virtual line.

The After Party Sale is not only happening online. It's also going on in stores! So if you live near a Lilly Signature Store, I would totally go! My sister lives by the Lilly Flagship store in King of Prussia, PA. My Bachelorette Party was a few days after the sale and we went to the Flagship store. We. Went. Cray. So trust me it's worth it to go to the sale.

Here are some little tips that will make everything run smoothly!

  • Make sure you set up your account on the Lilly website days before. It will make check out super smooth. Enter your credit card info, address etc. Also even if you already have a Lilly account make sure it is updated!  
  • I suggest downloading the app on your phone because dual shopping never killed anyone! 
  • Shop with a friend! My sister and I have shopped together the last couple sales (via facetime) and sometimes we have to order each other stuff because one of us will get in before the other. 
  • Set a BUDGET. Because if you don't then it literally could be a Lilly free for all. Just ask my sister. She went cray in August. 
  • Be understanding of the shipping times. It will take a bit to get to you. The average is two weeks. So if you are buying for an event you have next week. Just be prepared to not get it. 
  • And my biggest tip? KNOW YOUR SIZING! If you don't own any Lilly but want to partake in the sale and don't know your size I suggest running to your closest store and start trying stuff on. Because remember this is a no return sale! In case your wondering I'm 5'5, 120 lbs and these are my sizing. Tops- S, Bottoms- 2 or S, Dresses- 0 or XS. 
If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me via social media (FB, IG & Twitter), comment below or email me at kyleeinheels@gmail.com

More information–and tips for shopping the sale–available on LillyPulitzer.com.

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