Thursday, January 5, 2017

LIVE FEED: Lilly After Party Sale

It's my FAVORITE day of the year!! We are about 3 mins away from the start of the January Lilly After Party Sale!!! I will be updating live so stand by. IT'S GO TIME!!

10:54 AM ET- Finally got into the sale at 9:54 AM ET. My system is look everything over put anything you think you want in the cart, then weed it out according to your budget at check out. I ended up getting three items! Truth be told August is my favorite sale.

After picking some things out (and heading to check out) the site crashed and I got this.

I quickly tweeted @LillyPulitzer on twitter and they quickly responded with this

Thankfully I got right back in and started weeding out my cart according to my budget. I narrowed it down to three items that I am sooo excited to get and here they are! 

Skipper Popover in Multi Roar of the Seas $59.00 

Marigold Skort in Resort White Getting Steamy $34.00

Colette Scallop Hem Skort in Multi Out to Sea $39.00 

I love the skort because I wear them to work all the time. I bought my first one in the August sale and wore it to work like 5 times until October when I couldn't anymore #ColdWeatherSucks. I am trying to get back in the sale just to look. Will keep you posted. I think the site is down again tho. 

9:43 AM ET- After an hour and a half we are FINALLY moving!!

9:36 AM ET- Don't worry. I am still in line. I'm sure you are too! So we are in the same boat. Don't panic. The Lilly Team is currently working on it so hang tight. Just don't refresh you page. Just leave it up in your browser.

9:01 AM ET- I am apart of a couple Lilly Groups on FB. Apparently a Splash of Pink site has sale stuff and from what people are saying better deals? I just got in. It's worth a shot! Please note that 75% of what is in the "sale" is not Lilly Pulitzer!

8:35 AM ET- Official statement from Lilly Pulitzer (via Twitter).
Also I was in line on the Lilly App as well and have since been kicked out of line. This is currently what my app is saying

My sister on the other hand is currently having success on the App. She is telling me her place is moving. 

8:17 AM ET- I'm getting the feeling that the site has crashed. I'm #3779 in line and it's saying my wait time is over an hour. Usually when you get under 5000 in line it moves very quickly within 5 mins. Waiting to hear official word from Lilly Pulitzer.

8:02 AM ET - The landing page this year I did not have to refresh which was amazing! I am currently 11471 in line and my wait time is 23 mins. Which is soo much better than last year! I have over a 40 min wait in August which was totally defeating! But OMG My time just updated to 13 mins! I am dying!

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