Monday, January 30, 2017

Valentine Tablescape Under $50.00!

Ever since Thanksgiving I've been obsessed with tablescaping. I've been in such a creative space since designing my living room (Y'all... I swear to the dear Lord when I get my furniture delivered I will post about it!) and organizing my floating shelves. I'm sure it's driving CJ up a wall at this point.

Last weekend I finally took down our winter table and did our Valentine's Day Tablescape! The best part? I got all of the items at Target, Hobby Lobby and the Dollar Tree! It was so budget friendly (like under $50.00 y'all!) and I was super proud of myself for doing it! So let's jump in and talk about it.

When I sent my sister a picture of my table she said it looked "So Girly!"... But isn't that what Valentine's Day is all about? I actually had the table set for our Sunday Dinner. And I'm being 100% real when I say this - we eat at the table 2 days out of the week. We are usually down in our basement eating and watching whatever show we are into at the moment... Currently that is The Path on Hulu. #Obsessed.

Red Chargers [similar here] | White Plates | Heart Bowls [similar here] | Wine Glasses 
Short Glasses [similar here] | Red Glitter Coasters [similar here

Let's start with the place settings. The red glitter chargers I got at Hobby Lobby... In the Christmas Clearance section. I do get all my chargers at Hobby Lobby (because they are 1.50 to 1.99) and that's why I was there. But the red chargers they had at the time where a very muted/antiquey looking red charger. Not the look I wanted. And I found these instead. 

The white plates, wine glass and small glass where all apart of our wedding registry. Side note: If you are getting married Macy's is a great place to register. The heart shaped bowls and glitter coasters are from the Target Dollar Spot. Anyone obsessed with that section?  #Love

Here is a closer look at the Heart Shaped Bowls from the Target Dollar Spot.

 Deco Mesh Ribbon [similar here 1, 2, 3] | Candy Bowl [similar here
 Pom Pom's | xoxo paper weight [similar here

Table runners are essential when you are trying to do a tablescape. I looked for a couple days and couldn't find one that I loved. So I made one myself. I went to the Dollar Tree and picked up three different rolls of the Deco Mesh Ribbon (it's made with wire) and bent it, inter-twined it and curled it to make it look cute. Honestly it worked so amazing and was super easy! 

The xoxo "paper weight" and Candy Dish also came from the Target Dollar Spot as well. The Pom Pom came from Hobby Lobby just to add a bit more to the table. 

Finally I bought three cake stands from the Target Dollar Spot (2 white and 1 red) to use as a flower pedestal. I thought it was an adorable idea. Plus in the off season I can use them as candle pedestal. I always get my vases at Dollar Tree because they are a dollar and they honestly have a great selection. The fake flowers also came from the Dollar Tree. 

Put it all together and you have an adorable tablescape! I love being able to stretch my creative legs and do something totally outside my norm. My advice? Don't be afraid to buy cheap and make it your own. You can totally do it. 

Are you doing a tablescape for the big V-Day? Or are you having a nice romantic dinner with you SO or friends? I would love to hear what you're doing!  

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