Thursday, February 9, 2017

BREAKING! Lilly Pulitzer x Starbucks Collab!

Ok so I was totally planning to post about my birthday today. But then something amazing came across my Insta feed and I felt I needed to write about. Obvi it has to do with Lilly Pulitzer!! She (and my sister) are my ride or dies. But y'all might want to sit down for this one. It totally comparable Lilly for Target collab 2 years ago! AHHH!

Lilly Pulitzer x Starbucks x S'well Bottles!!! 

This is going to be the collab to end all collabs!! Here are some screen shots from Insta using hashtag #lillypulitzerxstarbucks.

In true Lilly Pulitzer form, the company has yet to say ANYTHING. Basically being stylish and graceful like always y'all!! Basically after numerous group text messages between my mom and my sister Kelcy, this is the information as we know it so far. This is basically "Insta Hear-Say" right now. I will give updates as I find out!

  • The Lilly Pulitzer x Starbucks x S'well Bottles will have 4 Prints 
  • Each bottle will retail for $40.00
  • They are (from what we can gather) only being sold at free standing Starbucks locations. It would be too basic white girl for them to sell them at the Starbucks in Target...#fail 
  • They will be released in store and online February 15th. Not sure why they are missing the Valentines day holiday. 
  • The prints that have been in fabric form before but they are a new play on them
    • Pink Lemonade 
    • Nice Tail
    • Meow/Fan Dance 
    • Floral/Let's Cha Cha/ Scuba to Cuba
Apparently some Starbucks are not playing by the rules and releasing the bottles early. They have already popped up on eBay for $100.00 +. This is sure to be a hot item. I know I will be stopping by Starbucks on my way home tonight! 

Ladies are apparently going to Starbucks in there loudest Lilly outfits and asking the Baristas for the bottles. It's worth a shot. I know I will be doing this after work! Good luck! 

What are your thoughts on this latest Lilly Collab? Comment below!! 

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