Wednesday, February 1, 2017

February Goals + January Recap

I can't believe January is over! One month down 11 to go... But who's counting? February is one of my favorite months because of Valentines Day and my birthday. I'm not like most people who are like "It's my birthday month! Let's make this whole month about me!!". Let's just acknowledge it's my birthday on my birthday and then move on. K? Good.

On to my January 2017 Goal Recap!

1) Read at least one book this month.  A+ - I did end up reading and finishing Chip & Jojo's  'Magnolia Story'. It was a beautifully written book. A little slow at times. But really a great book and an easy read. It's only 15 chapters so you could easy cover a chapter a night. 

2) Finish up designing our living room. F+++++ - Can you even get an F+? This one is totally not my fault. It's the company we ordered from. They lost the contracts with the supplier, they went bankrupt, they lost our bookcases. I'm just going to save a blog post for this because I just get angry writing about it. Moral of the story. NOT MY FAULT! 

3) Paint our office in the basement. F - Moral of the story? We just didn't do it! Let's hope this gets done in February when I am gone for Conference? HAHA

4) Learn TWO new recipes. A+ - I did complete this goal! I made beef goulash and a stuffed pepper "soup". Now with the beef goulash I unknowingly ran out of Worcestershire Sauce. Thank goodness for Alexa and asking her for substitutes! A1 steak sauce and soy sauce... Boom! Worcestershire Sauce substitute. As for the stuffed pepper "soup" it was more of a deconstructed stuffed pepper. There honestly was no soup about it. But CJ loved both so I'm happy! 
5) Start working out.  B-/C - If I'm being honest I joined our Medical Systems Health and Fitness Center on Saturday Jan 21st. But since then I've been running, doing Pilates and going to Spin Class. I also met with a You Fit Coach. I get to meet with them once a quarter to go over my fitness etc. This I am saving for a future post!

Here are my goals for February 2017!

Work out consistently this month. We are only a few weeks away from our family ski trip... And if I'm being honest I'm a little nervous. I feel like I am not going to be ready for 6 full days of skiing. Also the thought of the altitude in Vail is giving me a headache! I just need to stick to 4-5 days a week and be intentional about it.  

Purge some of my clothes. This is a hard, hard, REALLY HARD thing for me to do. I love my clothes. I'm basically like Carrie Bradshaw when it comes to clothing because I don't rid of anything! In my mind at some point it will come back in style. But I have so many things that I can A) give to Goodwill. B) Pack up and place in the basement (looking at you bikinis sitting in my drawer doing NOTHING in the middle of winter!). or C) Trash it. I just have to suck it up and be a big girl and purge.   

Join a Bible Study at Church. Back home in Florida I had a core group of christian women I would met with every so often. I've just been feeling a tug on my heart to meet more women in my area that I can just connect intentionally with and form relationships. My bestie Morgan and I have decided this might be for us so we are going to try and sign up to see how it goes! 

Roll overs from last month! Let's hope these can get my crap together and finish these!

Paint our basement office. Hoping to get it more functional then just a junk room! 

Read a new book. Need to find one! I better get on that. 

Get living room together. If (and that's a BIG if) my furniture gets delivered. UGH

Learn one new recipe. Just because I love to cook! 

What are some of you February Goals? How did you do on your January Goals? Would love to hear them! Comment below!

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