Monday, February 6, 2017

Valentine's Gifts for Her (By Him)

Hey Guys! CJ here. Kylee handed this blog post over to me today. I'm shocked that she actually handed it over. She did tell me that I had to behave and actually put some thought into this post. Especially since her birthday (I think) is before Valentine's Day.

Kylee here! Hold up! You still have NO IDEA when my birthday is? After literally 6 year?!? And your totally implying that I have control issues! This is not behaving and this post is going down hill very quickly... 

Ky relax. I got this! (This isn't my first time writing for her blog. I've actually done it twice.) If you're as lucky as I am to have a wife whose birthday falls shortly before Valentine's Day you can combine gifts. But since my wife hates that, I have to get two gifts. Lucky me...

After nearly 6 years of being together, I feel very confident that I have my wife's taste in things pretty much down. It also helps that I read this blog from time to time and know what she's currently loving. Ha!

Let me be the judge of that darling...

She sounds so evil sometimes! But let's get this post started. Oh and by the way Kylee helped me with the graphics because I have no idea how the program works!

My wife is pretty much anything cute. She really hates when I use that word because she thinks it means less than pretty... She's a complex woman. But I could really see her wearing this while we lounge in the basement watching tv. But she probably would dress it up too.

2. Gold Earrings
This one is short and sweet. It's Valentines Day. Jewelry always wins. And the fact that Ky has repeatedly said "OMG I LOVE THESE" means she wants them... She's not very subtle.

3. SOREL Cozy Boots
With us going skiing with my family in a few weeks, this is probably something she would really like. So I may just end up getting these for her. I bought Ky SOREL snow boots for Christmas two years ago and she lives in them during these Indiana winters. The pink and tan are just her style too.

4. Lilly Pulitzer Dress
This one is also easy. My wife is obsessed with Lilly. I probably should have bought some items for her during the Lilly Sale she was talking about. But men don't think ahead like that. This dress just really reminds me of her.

5. BEATS By Dr. Dre
She steals mine all the time. And doesn't charge them... If you follow her Instagram or are friends with her on FB you know that our wedding colors where rose gold and gold. She's obsessed with it. I'm just tired of her stealing mine! And I know she would enjoy having a pair of her own.

6. Red Lace Bra
I'm a guy. I have a beautiful wife. And it's Valentines Day. End of Story. This is me not behaving.

7. Kate Spade Leopard Cell Case
Kylee needs a new phone and a new cell phone case. If you went in her closet right now you would find a lot of leopard print items. Scarfs, Shoes, Uggs, Sweaters. It's like an early 00's obsession. This phone case would fit in quiet well with her Uggs she wears all the time.

Really a bra? That's my husband for you! CJ is a pretty great guy. I guess that's why I married him. He makes me laugh like no other. I hope that you enjoyed today's post! Feel free to leave a comment below if you would like to have CJ do more posts! 


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